NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 3

Untitled 3 by Larry Mawby

i am all kerfluffeled

the world is not right.

the sun shines,

sky is blue, but

everything feels wrogn

the metal crow

in the tree outside my window

seems to be laughing today.

i pause and now

i, too, am laughing,

though sardonically.

kerfluffeled? bah.


Duck Eggs by Cherry K Kowitz

Duck eggs

White round beak waddles

A glorious golden day

Sunshines in my eye


Straight Lines by Silvia Smoglian Gans

Straight lines

There are no straight lines in nature

It grows organically

Lines were created to take control

By humanity. We have fence lines

That keep people and animals

Out or in

Train lines


Subway lines

Cruise lines

To transport people

Where we want them to go.

We have assembly lines

Movie lines

Bread lines

Bank lines

To keep everyone in their place.

How would we communicate

Music without the lines of a staff

Or thoughts and ideas if words were

Haphazardly thrown on a page

What an absurd play

If actors didn’t know their lines.

We try to put nature in line

With cherry trees and grapevines

Christmas tree and lumber farms

Irrigation lines.

We even use “as the crow flies”

To denote a straight line.

Our mind puts things in lines

Where there are none

North America directly on top

Of South.

Long ago armies marched in lines

Off to battle

To be picked off by those who

Didn’t follow those rules

And now we have enemy lines

Like the DMZ

Maybe if we all started thinking

In circles instead,

There would be no first nor last.


For Noah by Mimi DiFrancesca

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