NaPoWriMo2021 Day 4

Easter Egg Hunts by Cherry K Kowitz

Easter Egg Hunts

Oh the bright eyed child

That was once in each of us

That could believe in something

Like a magic bunny

That brought eggs and candy

And sometime after you went to bed

Hid them around the yard

And your pal so graciously

Placed a basket full of fun and yummy things

On the kitchen counter for you to find

And you knew it was your parents

But you pretended there was a bunny to make them happy

And when you hide the eggs maybe after you realize and remember this

Maybe you will cry because you are so happy


Break Out by Silvia Smoglian Gans

Break Out

I spend so much time

Inside my head

Sometimes it’s hard to

Break out.

So for today

I’ll stay right there

Until I can find the way out.


untitled 4 by Larry Mawby

yesterday sunlight softly

pierced the eye of my heart,

and laughter leaked out.

it scabbed over.


Reverence by Mimi DiFrancesca

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