NaPoWriMo2021 Day 6

Untitled 6 by Larry Mawby

shadowless day

& the iron crow

seems bemused.

how, you may ask,

does an iron crow

express emotion?

i think it understands

me, and somehow

mimics my thoughts.

he appears to agree

and now seems

uncomfortably constrained

as though this moment

has gone on too long.

i agree & i look away.


Chicken Coop Poop by Cherry K Kowitz

We rebuilt the chicken coop

So maybe we wouldn’t hear the roosters crowing

So close to the house

But that hasn’t stopped me from waking up too early

To find Great Pyrenees poop left graciously

For me to enjoy cleaning off the living room floor

His ears pinned back while he watches me mop


My Day by Mimi DiFrancesca

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