NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 12

Untitled #12 by Larry Mawby

sometime soon a photon

from the star system we call

alpha centauri will enter

my right eye. maybe tonight.

it will have left alpha cen,

coincidentally, a day after

donald trump was elected

president of the united states.

that photon is among a large

group that came this direction,

some others of which will enter my

right eye, and my left eye, too.

an equally large number will hit

my nose, but i won’t notice them.

i will be distracted,

as i am now,

by wondering if you, gentle reader,

have experienced enough dramatic

tension after the mention of donald trump’s

name here a few lines ago.

as i said, it is

a coincidence that i thought about this photon

today, and then worked out when 4.37 light years ago would be.

just a coincidence,

meaning nothing to the photon or his buddies,

but, sadly it seems, something to you and i.


I’m Fine by Mimi DiFrancesca

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