NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 19

Into Chaos by Mimi DiFrancesca


Untitled #19 by Larry Mawby

on this drizzly april morning

i sit and look outside my room

at the maple tree as rainwater

beads on the horizontal branches,

beads slowly growing too large

to hang on. they drop & soon

another pearly bead begins to form

in that place. it, too, will fall

as thus slowly, deliberately,

water makes its way

to the ground.

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 18

Law of Attraction for Dummies by Mimi DiFrancesca


Untitled #18 by Larry Mawby

family movies from the 50’s:

like blowing out candles on

my fifth birthday cake.

today, my brother,

my sister, and i are alive,

along with some cousins.

everyone else is gone.

the images are gravy

on my plate, my brain

bread soaking them up,

my mind digesting

the people, the places,

now revising my memories

to include those images,

those feelings, those truths.

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 17

How Far by Mimi DiFrancesca


Untitled #17 by Larry Mawby

i just trimmed

my finger nails:

i like ‘em short.

the iron crow

in the maple

still ignores me.

he seems to not

notice the yellow

daffodils, either.

those dead leaves

hang in the tree:

no breeze, no flutter.

a yellow pickup truck

drives by.

everything else

is still this morning.

is anything happening?

of course lots but not,

it seems, with this poem.

still, glad I trimmed

my finger nails:

i do like ‘em short.

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 15

Untitled #15 by Larry Mawby

some assembly required

on this grey rainy morning

a cat sits on a bed, paws and tail

tucked in, a lump, eyes tracking

you as you move past.

while sitting in meditation

you see truth scream out

soundlessly. you try to lip read

but you cannot.

take these two & add another,

to make a third. spin the three

into a thread. weave the thread

into a cloth. assembly time:

ten or more minutes.

moisten the cloth,

use it to gently

clean your eyes.

you will see clearly.

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 14

Untitled #14 by Larry Mawby

power used unwisely,
by word or in deed,
produces unnecessary pain.


Salt Bound by Cherry K Kowitz

The Pacific Ocean is a days travel by plane

Well worth the pain of masking ones self

Baby girl smiles

As an adventure completes itself

In a clean white hotel bed

This used to be home

And it always will be


One Word by Mimi DiFrancesca

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 13

Untitled #13 by Larry Mawby

early this morning

i was dreaming

i was an older woman

living in a care facility

arguing with my daughter

about the activities

she wanted me do.

i became aware

that this was a dream

that i was editing.

i inserted & later cut out

several nice things like

jai alai and handbags.

then i awoke and

most of the dream

was snatched back

out of my memory

by my dreaming self.

what we have here is

an incomplete reconstruction,

much like an archaeological dig,

of that dream. my life in that dream

is not well understood by anyone

for who really understands

anyone, especially oneself?


Unbidden by Mimi DiFrancesca

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 12

Untitled #12 by Larry Mawby

sometime soon a photon

from the star system we call

alpha centauri will enter

my right eye. maybe tonight.

it will have left alpha cen,

coincidentally, a day after

donald trump was elected

president of the united states.

that photon is among a large

group that came this direction,

some others of which will enter my

right eye, and my left eye, too.

an equally large number will hit

my nose, but i won’t notice them.

i will be distracted,

as i am now,

by wondering if you, gentle reader,

have experienced enough dramatic

tension after the mention of donald trump’s

name here a few lines ago.

as i said, it is

a coincidence that i thought about this photon

today, and then worked out when 4.37 light years ago would be.

just a coincidence,

meaning nothing to the photon or his buddies,

but, sadly it seems, something to you and i.


I’m Fine by Mimi DiFrancesca

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 11

Untitled #11 by Larry Mawby

a net is a cluster

of holes kept apart

by strings.

fish net, bird net, hair net,

all holes separated by strings.

in physics, string theory

says everything is like that:

emptiness kept apart by strings.

[sort of]

but this is poetry, not science,

so our takeaway: a net is

a cluster of holes kept apart by strings.

fun fact: in a net,

if you cut a string,

you’ve made one less hole.

that is true, for sure.


Stars & Wine by Mimi DiFrancesca

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 10

Eve Was Framed, by Mimi DiFrancesca


Untitled #10 by Larry Mawby

when you read the poem,

aloud or in your mind,

appreciate the silences

between each word,

the smaller silences between

syllables & the smallest

soundlessness among the letters;

the cadenced silences

after commas, at line ends

& after periods.

as well as those between stanzas.

savor the silences you insert

when you take a breath,

marking your track through the poem.

until, finally, the poem

& the poet

ripen to the great silence

at the end.