NaPoWriMo April 2, 2021

This post will catch us up to today with our second offering for National Poetry Writing Month.

From our Leelanau area poets…


Counting by Silvia Smoglian Gans

2 bits

4 bits

13 steps

9 gulps

100 jumps on Luna’s trampoline

66 seconds of microwave time

6 minutes for the French press

After 6 seconds grinding

Times 3

Counting pills by fives and tens

Singing triplets by feeling beats

Number of likes, why care?

Everything beats to its own rhythm

Counting helps discover why

Numbers appear everywhere and nowhere

At the same time

And take up residence in my mind.

8 in China

13 is it lucky or not

Number 9, Number 9

17 year cicadas

1200 years since such early Cherry blossom blooms



Trusting numbers

Fractions and %

The reliability of significant numbers

Never stop counting

To prove I’m here

When I stop counting

I, stop.


Seasonal Greetings by Cherry K Kowitz

Soon they will come

The smiling , drunken hordes of downstaters

The motorcycle brigades and the boat bros

The hot days and the biting insect Air Force

Soon there will be more contracts than contractors

And some poor homeowners will pull short

On the straw of hired workmen

Their bathroom project left half finished

Soon our one lane roads become head on raceways

Plates from every Midwest state

Marveling at the blue jewel

Randomly braking for road signs

Soon they will come

To burst the illusion of a quiet place to live


Untitled 2 by Larry Mawby

sun on naked trees

cuts sharp shadows

into brown leaves

onto white crocus


Verbiage Distillation #02 by Mimi DiFrancesca

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